What Are The Three Types Of Table Sterilizers?

Class B sterilizer

●The method of vacuuming multiple times pulsates the vacuum to discharge cold air, and the best effect is to eliminate cold air.

● It can be sterilized for packaging, unpackaged, solid, and various loads of lumens.

● Currently the most used and most popular desktop sterilizer;

S-class sterilizer

● Generally, it is common to exclude cold air by means of positive pressure pulsation, and the effect of eliminating cold air is general.

● Between the Class B and Class N, sterilized items are allowed to be replenished, suitable for unpackaged solid loads and special sterilized items specified by the manufacturer.

● The possibility of using it now.

N-stage sterilizer

● The device does not pulsate, and the cold air is exhausted by heating and gravity replacement, and the effect of eliminating cold air is poor.

● Only sterilized unpacked solid items.

● The sterilizer that is gradually phasing out.