The Sterilization Effect Of The Pressure Steam Sterilizer Has Nothing To Do With The Size Of The Sterilizer

Whether the pressure steam sterilizer or its volume size meets the requirements for packaging and loading of sterilized items, execute the temperature-time procedure of 121 ° C × 20min ~ 30min, or 132 ° C ~ 134 ° C × 4min to achieve the sterility guarantee level It can be used to sterilize surgical instruments including the interior of implants.

The so-called "rapid sterilization" device is only in the three key procedures of sterilization, that is, exhaust, sterilization and drying omitting the drying procedure, thereby reducing the time of the entire sterilization cycle. The most important "temperature-time" sterilization procedure of pressure steam sterilization is that no one can change it arbitrarily. At least the existing theoretical basis cannot be shaken.