Structure Characteristic Of Autoclave

Autoclave is especially suitable for a variety of highly toxic, flammable, explosive penetration and other strong chemical production, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food technology in organic synthesis,, fluoride, hydrogen sulfide, oxidation reactions, can show the advantages of its products have been standardized, serialized. And reasonable design specifications, the use of safe, convenient operation, can meet the needs of all walks of life production and scientific experiment this device suitable for universities, research institutes and business units of laboratory, small dose of high temperature, high pressure, State experiments such as hydrogenation reactor. The safe, efficient operation, and popular features: CJ ordinary reactor with ring-shaped rare earth permanent magnet coupling drive, stirring moments, and has the characteristics of static seal, no leakage.

Kettle body with the material contact part material is mainly made of 1Cr18NI9Ti stainless steel high-pressure stirring self-lubricating bearings wear sleeve, mixing paddle-propelled mixing paddle, speed up to 1100 RPM; material dispersion, suitable for all kinds of media mixing. Heating control system by PID automatic temperature control meter, temperature control is accurate.