Sterilization Process Efficiency Depends On Two Main Factors

One of them is in the thermal death time, namely the time microorganisms must be at a specific temperature, before they are exposed to death. The second factor is the thermal death point or temperature in the sample of all microorganisms are killed.

Steam and pressure to ensure sufficient heat to the body to kill them. A series of negative pressure pulse is produced by vacuum cavitation and vapor permeation through a succession of positive pulse application maximize

Typical pressure in autoclaves using:

1.Cycle fabric, load of the assembled filter element and discard.

2.Cycle laboratory of plastic and glass containers.

3.Cycle is mainly used for dropping loads.

Process performance through monitoring regular recording and packaging or instructions on the tape color change for autoclaving are confirmed. If it is proved that biological indicators may also be used. These contain spores of Bacillus stearothermophilus, this is one of the most difficult microorganisms autoclave will have to be destroyed. Upon completion of the run in the autoclave, ATTEST internal glass vial of crush, the spores into a differential liquid media. If the autoclave destroyed the spores, the medium is still blue. Otherwise, the metabolism of spores, at 56 ° c after incubation under two days, causing yellow color change.