Sterilization Method Of Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer

① Add proper amount of clean water to the main body and put the sterilized items into the sterilizer;

② Insert the exhaust hose on the top cover into the square tube on the inner wall, cover and tighten the top cover;

③Turn on the heat source of the sterilizer, open the exhaust valve and exhaust the air (about 10min ~ 15min after the water boils), then close the exhaust valve;

④The pressure rises to 102.9kPa (1.05kg / cm2), when the temperature reaches 121 ℃, it will be maintained for a specified time (determined according to the nature of the article and related conditions, generally 20min ~ 30min);

⑤ Open the exhaust valve and slowly release the steam for the items that need to be dried. After the pressure returns to zero, open the lid and take the material;

⑥Liquid items, after the pressure returns to zero, naturally cool to below 60 ℃, and then open the lid to take things.