Safe Operation Of Autoclave

1, pressure gauges for oxygen, to avoid mixing with other gases with pressure gauge.

2, safety valve and other safety devices, through regular checks in accordance with the requirements of device you want to use.

3, when it must be noted that accurate thermometer insert into reactions in solution.

4, the high pressure inside the reactor and liner parts should be kept clean.

5, autoclave to be used at designated sites, and operate in accordance with the instructions for use.

6, identify the main container of the test pressure, the use of pressure and high temperature conditions, within the range allowed for which you want to use.

7, of pressure on pressure gauge used, preferably in its indicated pressure is less than 1/2. And compared with the standard pressure gauge pressure gauge, corrected.

8, when disc flange cover on the cover, to bolt located on the diagonal, couples in turn also tightened.

9, measuring instruments broke open, mostly on the sides of the glass surface before and after the break. Therefore, when not standing in these dangerous places. When risk is expected to occur, and to remove the glass and put on the new.