On The Autoclave In Supercritical Fluid Cast Of Pinnacle

Supercritical fluids have many unique properties, such as viscosity, density, diffusion coefficient, solvents and other chemical properties change with temperature and pressure sensitive viscosity and diffusion coefficient close to gas, density and solvent capacity close to liquids. It has special properties, one of the most common supercritical carbon dioxide and its critical temperature of 31.06, critical pressure is 7.38Mpa.

Supercritical carbon dioxide has a very low viscosity, high spread compared with very low surface tension liquids advantage. For this reason, its chemical behavior is better than organic solvent, and by lowering the pressure in the system can be as simple as drying. Of course, we can also design of supercritical reactor, you can select a reactor with bottom valve and mixed supercritical mass through the nozzle and sprayed into the collection tank through pressure, dry products, such as easier separation.

Because supercritical method is carried out in a closed container, pressure control by temperature control to achieve, so the pressures by the container volume and temperature and feeding to decide; supercritical fluid technology provides new ways for preparation of biomass fuel.