Look To The Autoclave Tap New Areas Of Research Ideas

In a lot of research work in the standard equipment does not meet scientific requirements. Equipment by the customer, such as autoclave's latest thoughts on research and development, and many top instrument manufacturers around the world in close cooperation, joint research efforts with professional knowledge, excellent product, good service for users with the petroleum refining, petrochemical, chemical, natural gas, chemicals, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, environmental protection, clean energy and other fields of laboratory response equipment and automated control systems.

1, Exchange: pre-autoclave equipment customization needs to fully listen to the opinions and demands of the customer, customer equipment design and plan to have the final say. We will, based on our experience to the customer related to the program and a detailed communication with customers to determine.

2, safety design: design a flowchart according to customer requirements, and to be assessed by the audit client. Ensure the safety of design and correct.

3, device details: on equipment made is often in the details. The effort required to perfect details often account for a large part of the total quantities, but details of the pursuit of perfection is our company principle.

4, strict selection: materials and instrument selection is critical to the durability and safety of installations and equipment, our company adhering to the concept of safe, durable, all the materials are internationally well-known brand, the main components are made of original imported parts.