How To Use The Medical Vertical Autoclave

1. First remove the inner sterilization bucket, and then add an appropriate amount of water to the extended pot to make the water surface level with the triangular shelf.

2. Return to the sterilization bucket and fill the items to be sterilized. Be careful not to over-pack, so as not to prevent the steam flow and affect the sterilization effect. The Erlenmeyer flask and the mouth of the test tube should not be in contact with the barrel wall, so as to prevent the condensed water from wetting the paper inside the envelope and penetrating the cotton plug.

3. Then tighten the two opposite bolts at the same time in a symmetrical manner, so that the bolts are tight and consistent, and do not leak air.

4. Heat it with an electric stove or gas, and open the exhaust valve at the same time to make the water boil to remove the cold air in the pot. After the cold air is completely exhausted, close the exhaust valve to allow the temperature in the pot to gradually increase with the increase of steam pressure. This experiment uses 1.05kg / cm2, 121.3 ° C, 20 minutes for sterilization. rise. When the pressure in the pot rises to the required pressure, control the heat source and maintain the pressure to the required time.

5. After the time required for sterilization is reached, turn off the power or turn off the gas to allow the temperature in the sterilizer to drop naturally. When the pressure of the pressure gauge is replaced by 0, open the exhaust valve, loosen the bolt, open the seal, and remove the sterilized items. If the pressure does not drop to 0, open the exhaust valve, the pressure in the pot will suddenly drop, and the culture medium in the container will burst out of the flask or test tube due to the internal pressure imbalance, causing the cotton plug to contaminate the culture medium. Pollution.

6. Put the removed sterilization medium into a 37 ° C incubator for 24 hours. After inspection, if there is no growth of bacteria, it can be used.