Hanging Pot Distilled Water Machine Upgrades Continue To Debut Cobo

No odor of cooking hanging pots, home water Distiller at this year's Taiwan famous fairs continue to debut.

These two products from Dongguan Taiwanese Huang electrical appliance production, Dongguan Jing giant lighting company which is wholly the creation of enterprises, mainly to production of small household electrical appliances. Is the company's second this year to participate in fair, Huang hopes that Bo would promote their own brands.

As a lighting manufacturing plant, Kun giant lighting in Dongguan has a history of more than 20 years, mainly the production of lamp reflector-oriented products.

Don't look down on a small lamp reflector, Special Assistant to the General Manager of critical Chris said, houjie, Dongguan, and almost all of the lamp reflector used five-star hotels, are supplied by the giant-Kun.

"The bird's nest in Beijing also uses reflector of our production. "Critical Chris said, lighting products, 60% export, mainly exported to Europe, America, Russia, Southeast Asia and other places.

Giant lights of Kun to participate in fair, introducing their own products--small appliances.