Foreign Experts Explain How The Autoclave Sterilization Problems

National Laboratory before the disinfection and sterilization methods, the use of physical methods (such as dry-heat sterilization and moist heat sterilization method, such as filtration and degerming, radiation sterilization) and chemical methods (disinfectants and antibiotics) in two categories.

Dry and moist heat sterilization is the most widely used effect is good.

Strict disinfection and sterilization of cell and embryo research and application of engineering work is extremely important, directly affects the entire experiment can be carried out smoothly.

1, when the steam and material in direct contact with a sterilizing effect (that is, loading of goods is very important).

2, to replace all air initially present in the autoclave, replace it with steam to create a vacuum.

3, the implementation of the evacuation control of steam and cooling design, the spores do not perish.