Characteristics Of Distilled Water In Pharmaceutical Industry

It is understood that the distilled water machine electric equipment can produce distilled water, can lead to pure steam sterilization, is not the most ideal and pure steam distilled water production equipment, mainly used in health units, research institutes, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer industry of laboratory and research areas in need of water and distilled water machine can also be used in electroplating and electronics industries.

Water Distiller features mainly in: adding alkaline potassium permanganate solution in distilled water to remove organic compounds and carbon dioxide into non-volatile acid (sulfuric acid or phosphoric acid), ammonia into nonvolatile ammonium salts. Because the glass has a small number of components that are soluble in water, so when two or more distillation, using Quartz distillation vessel to get pure water, and water should be saved within the Quartz or silver receptacle.