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The article autoclave sterilizers and interchangeable and mean the same thing. "Autoclave" is mainly used in the laboratory, while the ' sterilizer "used the term more commonly used in medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Is so far the most effective way to remove the air vacuum system, which achieved the introduction of vacuum chamber of any steam, freesteaming and/or pulse vacuum before removing most of the air. Once all the air is from the load and out of the room temperature reaches the preselected temperature within the container, until the pressure rises. Implementing more than 121 c typical temperature, steam is pressurized at least 1.1 bar g. due to the use of pressure greater than 0.5 bar g in the autoclave components are classified as system pressure, and must be designed to stringent engineering standards, such as PED97/23EC/PD5500/ASME and so on.

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Achieved in a number of ways based on cavity temperatures:

1) steam can be injected through the internal Chamber of the steam source, such as an integral stainless steel steam generator, it can be built in autoclave Cabinet, or on the external unit can be used as a single larger autoclave supplies.

2) directly within the laboratory or hospital steam source, which will also be injected into the Chamber.

3) in some high pressure sterilization heater built into the bottom of the Chamber, water is heated to boiling and steam is produced.