Autoclave In General On The Market Talking About Common Pitfalls

(1) gear rack non-locating bearing in the middle. Mixing swing too much, cause seal failure.

(2) materials, and head without a straight edge, head of stiffness degradation, equipment capacity

(3) the thinner flange material without deformation under rated load, causing the flange face seal failure.

(4) to ensure the strength, corrosion resistance and vessel cleaning, shell, lining the base and flange should be double-welded inside and outside, are often reduced to lateral one side welding. Less weld on the inside after, user is not easy to see in appearance, but the equipment reliability decline. Is not welded inside of the formed cracks, reactor material easy to penetrate, and difficult to clean, infiltrate usually indefinite, may be both long stay deep the crevice corrosion of equipment off, and would contaminate the product.

(5) wall in a stirred reactor and reactor parts polished, vessel wall rough, rust, scale, cleaning difficulties when initial or replacement of the product.