What should be paid attention to when using sterilization equipment?

The sterilization equipment should be inspected once a day, and the inspection contents include:

1) Check whether the door frame and rubber gasket are damaged, whether they are flat, whether the door lock is flexible and effective;

2) Check whether the pressure gauge reaches the zero position when the steam is exhausted;

3) Pour 500ml of water from the exhaust port of the cabinet to check if there is any blockage;

4) Close the door and steam to check for leaks;

5) Check whether the steam regulating valve is flexible and accurate, whether the pressure gauge is consistent with the conditions indicated by the thermometer, and whether the exhaust port thermometer is intact;

6) Check whether the safety valve is blown open when the steam pressure reaches the specified safety limit;

7) The main body and top cover of portable and vertical pressure steam sterilizers must be free of cracks and deformation; portable pressure steam sterilizers without exhaust hoses or rusty hoses shall not be used;

8) The input steam pressure of the horizontal pressure steam sterilizer should not be too high, and the temperature of the interlayer should not be higher than the temperature of the sterilization chamber;

9) The pre-vacuum and pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizers are tested once a day by B-D (Bowie-Dick Test) to test their air removal effect. The specific method is: the BD test bag is folded by a 100% non-fat cotton cloth with a length of 30cm±2cm, a width of 25cm±2cm, and a height of 25cm~28cm; put the special BD test paper into the middle of the cloth test bag; test The weight of the bag is 4kg±5% or a disposable BD test bag. Place the BD test bag horizontally on the front bottom of the sterilization vehicle in the sterilization cabinet, near the front of the cabinet door and the bottom of the exhaust port; there is nothing in the cabinet except the test bag; take out the BD test paper after 3.5min~4min at 134℃ Observe the color change and uniformly change color, indicating that the cold air removal effect is good and the sterilization pot can be used; otherwise, the sterilization pot has cold air residue, and the reason for the failure of the BD test needs to be checked. The pot can only be used after the BD test passes.

10) The specific operation steps, routine maintenance and inspection measures of the lower exhaust, pre-vacuum and pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizer should be strictly implemented in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer's instructions.