What are the precautions for using autoclaves?

There are many precautions for the use of autoclaves, and some of them are relatively basic. The first is the initial treatment of disinfected articles. As long as they are exposed to pathogenic microorganisms, medical devices, blankets, etc., it is necessary to use chemical disinfectants first. For disinfection, and then clean according to the routine, especially the various items used in some infectious wards, must be strictly controlled, first strictly disinfected, and then cleaned and disinfected. During routine cleaning, the detergent solution is usually soaked and wiped to remove stains on the items, and then rinsed with water. After washing, the items should be dried and packaged according to clinical needs to avoid re-contamination.

Secondly, the packaging and containers for disinfecting items should be suitable. Generally, white cotton double-layer cloth bags should be used. They should not be washed and then used for packing. Do not loosen them with ropes and do not overtighten. When using the container, choose a container that can block the intrusion of external microorganisms and has better steam penetration, so that the effect of sterilization in the process of using the autoclave is better.

In the process of using the autoclave, it is necessary to remove the air. The most important thing is to discharge the air in the pot. If there is air in the pot, the pressure indicated by the pneumatic needle is not the pressure generated by the saturated steam. Will affect the sterilization effect of the sterilizer.

In addition, the sterilization time is strictly and reasonably calculated. The sterilization time generally includes the penetration time, the maintenance time, and the safety time. According to these three points, the user can operate in conjunction with the actual situation during use.