Using Autoclaves For Sterilizing Laboratory Equipment And Supplies

Using Autoclaves For Sterilizing Laboratory Equipment And Supplies

Autoclaves are an essential tool, used for sterilizing laboratory equipment and supplies. Sometimes autoclaves are referred to as sterilizers in laboratory settings. Basically the autoclave heats solutions above boiling point to sterilize medical and laboratory items and equipment.

We have two autoclaves that offer complete sterilization. Our BioClave 16 Digital Bench-Top Autoclave is excellent for any laboratory, medical or research setting. This particular autoclave offers convenience for steam sterilization of research tools and consumables. With a width of 17.5 inches wide, this autoclave is easy to store on your bench top. This model is fully automatic, has complete sterilization and extremely compact. Often laboratory bench tops can be crowded with supplies, so having an autoclave that won’t take up much room is ideal.

The BioClave Mini Digital Bench-Top Autoclave – 12Liter is an even smaller option, ideal for those with limited work space. The width of this autoclave is 13.5 inches wide, perfect for small spaces in your medical setting.

Space is an important factor before deciding on which type of autoclave will work best for your laboratory. Autoclaves come in both bench top models and floor models, depending on size and application. Knowing how many and which laboratory supplies you intend on sterilizing in the autoclave will be helpful.

Autoclaves operate on a time and temperature basis. Standard temperatures of autoclaves are usually set around 121°C. Because autoclaves use high temperatures to sterilize equipment, it’s best practice to use personal protective equipment for safety purposes. For example, when unloading the autoclave it’s best to wear protective gloves, eye protection and a lab coat. If you have any questions or comments for us, please let us know in the message box below!