Ultrasonic cleaning principle

Ultrasonic frequency is higher than 20000 Hz sound waves, good direction, strong penetrability, easier to get more focused sound, transmission distances in the water, can be used for ranging, speed measurement, cleaning, welding, gravel, sterilization, etc. In medicine, the military, industrial, agricultural, there are a lot of applications. Ultrasound for its upper limit lower limit frequency is approximately equal to hearing the name. Ultrasonic cleaner principle is mainly through the transducer, ultrasonic power source can be transformed into mechanical vibrations, by cleaning the Groove wall ultrasonic radiation to the cleaning liquid in the tank. Due to ultrasonic radiation, micro-bubbles in the liquid in the tank can be maintained under the action of wave vibration.

When the pressure reaches a certain level the sound pressure or sound intensity, bubbles can swell rapidly, then abruptly closed. During this process, the air bubbles closed fleeting blast, pressure and temperature of the air bubbles around the 1012-1013pa, the tremendous pressure generated by ultrasonic cavitation can damage the insoluble dirt and make them differentiated solutions, directly repeated impact of the steam-type cavitation in the dirt.