Structure and maintenance of ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is used primarily by the ultrasonic generator, wash tank and box three major components.

1. Ultrasonic generator power transformer and rectifier, oscillator, promoting classes, power amplifier, and output transformers and so on.

2. Wash tank made of stainless steel, composite transducers and matching inductance components. Dry fit stainless steel tank at the bottom of the transducer, stainless steel tank and tank pads between frame damping devices.

3. Cabinet Panel ammeters, power switch, outlet, frequency tuning knob; behind the power inlet socket and fuse.

Routine maintenance and repair

1, maintain equipment ventilation in the workplace, dry and clean, is conducive to the long-term operation of the equipment and optimization of working conditions;

Wash solution 2, too dirty to be processed in a timely manner, regular cleaning of wash tank, tank in the dirt, keep the look of the wash tank and clean, can improve the durability of the wash tank;

3, electrical control boxes and equipment vents away from water vapor, dust, corrosive gases, dust with compressed air cleaning on a regular basis;

4, regular testing insulation properties, for aging electrical components checked on a regular basis, check the ground wire, ensure good grounding for this project to be carried out by experienced electricians.