Sterilization should do?

1 check the integrity of the packaging, if the sterile package for damage but does not make use of

2 wet packs and packages with clear water as use the aseptic package, opening and closing the container, check if the sieve pore is closed. 3 check the chemical indicator tape color conditions are not met or the suspects, cannot be used in aseptic packages granted to departments, opened the package should be checked before use indicates whether the card inside the package to achieve sterilization of the color and status are not met or are in doubt is not a sterile package using.

4 sterilized items shall not be mixed with non-sterile items.

5 qualified sterilization sterilization date stamp should be marked.

6 each batch of sterilization is completed, according to serial number registration records, sterilization number, temperature, time, date of sterilization, the operator.

7 delivery and sterilization materials tools should be cleaned daily and maintain a clean, dry, upon discovery of contamination is suspected or should be disinfected immediately.