Sterilization method of horizontal pressure steam sterilizer

① Put the items to be sterilized into the sterilization cabinet, close the cabinet door and fasten;

② Open the intake valve and pass the steam into the interlayer for preheating;

③When the interlayer pressure reaches 102.9kPa (1.05kg/cm2), adjust the control valve to the "sterilization" position, the steam passes into the sterilization chamber, and the cold air and condensate in the cabinet are automatically discharged through the cabinet air trap;

④The pressure in the cabinet reaches 102.9kPa (1.05kg/cm2), the temperature reaches 121℃, and it is maintained for 20min~30min;

⑤ After sterilization, adjust the control valve to the "dry" position after sterilization, the steam is drawn out, and the negative pressure is displayed in the cabinet. The item can be dried for a certain period of time.

⑥ For liquid articles, they should be naturally cooled to below 60°C, and then open the door to take the objects. The rapid steam discharge method should not be used to prevent sudden decompression, liquid boiling or container explosion.