Sterilization container requirements

1 cloth bag must be clean, dry and free of holes in permeability, size, and use a cleaning.

2 packs bundles may not be too loose too tight, cloth size ≤ 25x25x30 ≤ 30x30x50 ≤ 5 kg bag size cm weight ≤ 7 cm weight kg bag and cloth bag packed, separated by a gasket between the devices to ensure sterilization.

3 in order to ensure that the vacuum and air flow of tank should open hole, the box should open the cover may not be airtight, Assembly shall not exceed 90% of the Cabinet room, and shall not be less than the volume of the Cabinet Chamber of 10%, otherwise affect the sterilization effect.

4 will be in sterilization bag on upper, sterilization bag more easily at lower level, put down layers of metal goods, fabric upper, goods can't be near cabinet wall.