Ask :Doctor I am scared of dental treatment because of the infections spread by dental clinic.How do you sterilize?

equipment-autoclaveIncreasing incidents of hepatitis patients has scared a big population and kept them away from seeking the dental treatment.

Some time they tell the story of some of their relative or the friend who got some disease from the dental instruments. we say that the patient has all the rights to ask the dentist how do you sterilize your equipment. Following are the more commonly asked questions by our patients and and their answers

How can you sterilize your instruments for each patients?
We have made the individual sets for each patients. A single set of the instrument is packed in an individual pouch and we open the pouch in front of the patient and use the set and then we send it to the sterilization room.

What do you do in the sterilization room?
After every patient the instruments are brought to this room, washed with the antiseptic solution in ultrasonic cleaner and then the instrument required for each patient are packed in a special sterilized pouches and sent to the autoclave machine.

What is autoclave machine?
This machine is used to sterilize the instruments under steam pressure. Temperature of 121 C and a pressure of 8psi is maintained for 20 minutes. This is the standard that has been formulated by the WHO and our electronically controlled machine perform the whole function.

We have arranged two sterilization machines (autoclaves) and second is used as the backup.

How you make sure that the instruments are sterilized?
There is a blue color marking on each sealed pouch that has the instruments in it.  Once the instruments are sterilized the color of the mark turns brown from blue. This ensures that the machine is working fine and instruments are sterilized. We keep all the sterilized instruments pouches in a clean drawer and each set is taken out as the patient come and opened in front of him.

Do you use the disposable instruments?
Yes many of the usable are disposable. On each patient following disposable instruments are used. pair of gloves, disposable needle, disposable injection cartridge, saliva suction tube, disposable glass for rinsing of mouth, a sheet of paper that we put on the patient, a disposable cap that we use for the patient undergoing surgery.