Pulse vacuum sterilizer for editing

Pulse vacuum sterilizer is mainly used for dressing and surgical instruments for sterilization. Of Cork, operations in the pharmaceutical industry, a large number of uniform without temperature explosion-proof cloth such as goods or drugs for sterilization can also be used in the pharmaceutical industry in the production of health materials, dressings, devices and other products of the unit for sterilizing equipment, can be used for sterilization and fumigation of herbs and dried. Can also be used for food sterilization. Sealed door with electrical and mechanical safety interlocking device, when pressure inside the sterilization seal the door cannot be opened, ensuring that equipment and operator safety.

Principle is used when a vapor condenses releasing large amounts of latent heat of physical characteristics, so that the items to be sterilized in a hot and humid conditions, the insulation after a period of time so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization. Use high temperature properties of saturated steam penetration.