Pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilization method:

The entire process of pulsed pre-vacuum pressure steam sterilization takes 29 min to 36 min.

① Put the items to be sterilized into the sterilization cabinet and close the cabinet door;

② Pass steam into the interlayer to make the pressure reach 107.8kPa (1.1kg/cm2) and preheat for 4min;

③ Start the vacuum pump and remove the air in the cabinet to make the pressure reach 8.0 kPa;

④ Stop pumping, input saturated steam into the cabinet, make the pressure in the cabinet reach 49kPa (0.5kg/cm2), and the temperature reaches 106℃~112℃, close the steam valve;

⑤ Pumping, input steam again, pumping again, so repeat 3 to 4 times;

⑥ The last time steam is input, the pressure reaches 205.8 kPa (2.1kg/cm2), the temperature reaches 132℃, and the sterilization time is maintained for 4 min;

⑦ Stop the steam input and pump down. When the pressure drops to 8.0kPa, open the intake valve to let the air enter the cabinet through the high-efficiency filter to balance the internal and external pressure;

⑧ Repeat the above air intake operation 2 to 3 times;

⑨When the pressure inside and outside the cabinet is balanced (restored to zero), and the temperature drops below 60℃, you can open the door to take out the items.