Multi-effect distillation process of basic requirements

(1) MED drain rate should not be higher than that of 15%.

(2) according to the injection tank working reserve determining filters intermittent or continuous operation.

(3) in order to ensure the water quality, the system should record and monitor the distilled liquid conductivity. Device port diverter valve with manual control (install tank remote control of water for injection) for detection of unqualified distillates, unqualified condensate automatic shunting, emptying until distillates to meet quality requirements.

(4) should be determined according to the storage tank system for continuous full load operation or intermittent operation. Such as water for injection distillation is in standby mode, should remain on the surface of the heat exchanger the heat. And delay before booting after shutdown, distilled liquid into a sterilization cycle synchronization to ensure that water not containing pyrogens.

(5) to enter the system feed water conductivity monitor and record. Checkout failed when water supply, Control Panel, sound the alarm and automatic shut down system. Supplier shall provide automatic control valves discharging water to water.

(6) such as purified water supply pressure is below normal distillation operations, suppliers should provide water supply equipment, including water pumps, pedestal, piping, instrumentation and control, the device package must integrate to the distillation of water for injection control method and base.

(7) the MED should keep operations distillation temperature no less than 92 degrees.

(8) multi-effect distillation operations should be full control.