How to use the autoclave correctly?

Autoclaves are commonly used sterilization equipment and are used in many fields, especially medicine, hospitals, food, biology and other related units. The utility model has the advantages of convenient use, simple operation, good sterilization effect, and the like, and is widely used, and only needs electricity to operate. The autoclave is used as a pressure vessel, and at the same time, there must be certain requirements for sterilization. Therefore, it is necessary to operate it by special personnel and operate correctly at the same time.

1, check the amount of water inside the autoclave, the amount of water should be added to the specified amount of water, this will generally have a mark, do not worry about adding more; put the items that need to be sterilized into the autoclave, pay attention to the bottle mouth when placed It is forbidden to put flammable, explosive and volatile items. For some utensils, it is best to wrap it in kraft paper. Do not put it too crowded when it is placed, so as not to affect the steam circulation and affect the sterilization effect; When closing the cover, tighten it tightly. Also pay attention to whether the gasket is placed. After the cover is closed, the power switch is turned on. The exhaust valve should be opened before the temperature rises, and the safety valve is closed.

2. When the temperature of the autoclave rises to 70 degrees, adjust the exhaust valve to continue to heat up. If the temperature is not high, you can adjust the power and close the exhaust valve. When the pressure is up, the temperature will start. Insulation, the general holding temperature is about 121 degrees, for half an hour, in the process of heat preservation can be controlled by adjusting the exhaust valve and power switch, when the sterilization time is up, first turn off the power switch, you can micro-open The air valve is cooled, the exhaust valve can't be opened too much, so as to prevent the inside of the product from colliding upwards; the exhaust valve can be closed to let it cool slowly. When the pressure drops to zero, open the exhaust valve, unscrew the cover, and remove it. Bacterial items.

3, need to pay attention to is that after sterilization is completed, can not suddenly or open the exhaust valve too much, it will lead to a sudden drop in the pressure inside the pot, which will cause the contents of the bottle to rush out, which will easily lead to the rupture of the utensils, and will also easily lead to The culture medium is contaminated. If it is not used for temporary use, it is best not to open the kraft paper to avoid contamination of the items.

Proper use of the autoclave can make the sterilization effect better, and it is not easy to damage the equipment, and it is not easy to cause safety problems. In the process of use, the illegal use of the plot often occurs, which is not allowed, and must be strictly in accordance with the standard. The sterilization operation requires operation. The sterilizer should be maintained regularly. If it is not used for a long time, the water in the pot should be drained and wiped clean to avoid rust and dirt.