How to use high temperature sterilization pot

Autoclave is a special sterilization equipment, which is used in various industrial, medical and other aspects, and its operation must be strictly in accordance with the instructions for use, avoid sterilization failure or even accidents caused by improper use during use.

How to use high temperature sterilization pot

1. Take out the inner sterilization barrel first, and then add an appropriate amount of water to the outer pot to make the water surface level with the triangular shelf.

2. Put back the sterilization barrel and load the items to be sterilized. Be careful not to pack too crowded, so as not to hinder the flow of steam and affect the sterilization effect. The triangular flask and the mouth end of the test tube are not in contact with the barrel wall, so as not to wet the condensate from the paper in the mouth and penetrate into the cotton plug.

3. Cover and insert the exhaust hose on the cover into the exhaust tank of the inner sterilization barrel. Then tighten the two opposite bolts at the same time in a two-by-two symmetrical manner to make the bolts looseness consistent and do not cause air leakage.

4. Use electric stove or gas to heat, and open the exhaust valve at the same time to boil the water to remove the cold air in the pot. After the cold air is completely exhausted in the autoclave, close the exhaust valve to allow the temperature in the pot to gradually increase with the increase of steam pressure. When the pressure in the pot rises to the required pressure, control the heat source and maintain the pressure to the required time.

5. After the sterilization time is up, cut off the power or turn off the gas, so that the temperature in the sterilization pot will naturally drop. When the pressure of the pressure gauge drops to 0, open the exhaust valve, loosen the bolt, and open the lid, take out the sterilization items. If the pressure does not drop to 0, open the exhaust valve, the pressure in the pot will suddenly drop, so that the culture medium in the container due to the imbalance of internal and external pressure and rush out of the flask mouth or test tube mouth, causing tampons contaminated with the medium.

6. Autoclave will take out the sterilization medium into the 37 ℃ temperature box for 24 hours, after inspection if there is no growth of bacteria, it can be used.