Factors affecting the sterilization effect of autoclave

1. Water: Too high water temperature may cause the predetermined vacuum level to change, and the water temperature should be as low as possible. The water used in the sterilization pot should meet the quality of the applied water, and the temperature should not exceed 15°C. The hardness of water is between 0.7 and 2.0mmol/L. Hardness values beyond this range may cause problems such as scale and corrosion. In order to shorten the service life of the sterilization pot, the water used needs to be filtered and treated, and the pot should be kept clean.

2. the drying degree of steam: The sterilization pot should use the drying degree of not less than 0.9 saturated steam, that is, the steam moisture content does not exceed 10%, the metal load state, the degree of drying is not less than 0.95, to maintain a linear relationship between temperature and pressure.

3. Sterilization Time: Sterilization time refers to the time required for sterilization after the sterilization chamber reaches the specified temperature during the sterilization process.During operation, attention should be paid to observe the steam inlet speed and pressure of the autoclave, and generally keep the pressure and temperature rising simultaneously.