Edible Tabletop Autoclaves can be divided into three categories

Tabletop Autoclaves can be divided into three types: B- level sterilizer, S-level sterilizer and N-level sterilizer.

1. Class B sterilizer

The method of repeatedly vacuuming pulsates the vacuum to discharge cold air, thus eliminating the effect of cold air. Able to sterilize various loads with packaging, no packaging, solid and lumen. At present, more and more popular desktop sterilizers are used;

2.S-class sterilizer

Generally, it is common to remove cold air by positive pressure pulsation, and the effect of removing cold air is general. It is between B- level and N-level, and the number of goods that are allowed to be sterilized is relatively small. It is suitable for special sterilized goods without packing solid load and manufacturer's rules. It is seldom used now.

3.N-grade sterilizer

The equipment does not carry out pulsation, and the cold air is discharged by the method of heating gravity replacement, thus the effect of removing the cold air is poor.Can only sterilize unpacked solid items. The cleaning effect of cold air of sterilizer will affect the sterilization effect. The better the cleaning of cold air, the better the sterilization effect.