Autoclave use precautions

Autoclaving is to place the items to be sterilized in a closed pressurized sterilizing pot, and by heating, the water in the sterilizer is boiled to generate steam. Waiting for the steam to drastically drive the cold air in the pot out of the exhaust valve, then close the exhaust valve and continue to heat. At this time, the steam can not overflow, and the pressure in the sterilization pot is increased, so that the boiling point is increased. A temperature higher than 100 ° C is obtained. It causes the bacterial protein to coagulate and denature and achieve sterilization. When using a high-pressure steam sterilizer, the elimination of cold air in the sterilizer is completely important because the expansion pressure of the air is greater than the expansion pressure of the water vapor. Therefore, when the water vapor contains air, it is under the same pressure. The temperature of the air-containing steam is lower than the temperature of the saturated steam. Therefore, the sterilization of saturated steam is more thorough! The use of autoclave is to pay attention to the following points:
1. the autoclave should be added to the water line before use;
2. Put the medium to be sterilized, distilled water or other utensils into the sterilizing pot, close the lid, check the state of the exhaust valve and the safety valve (the upper and lower venting valves open the safety valve and then heat it to facilitate air discharge. The upper and lower exhaust valves are simultaneously open and the water vapor overflows from the upper and lower valves. After this state is maintained for 7 or 8 minutes, the exhaust valve is closed and the exhaust valve is closed. Closing state),
Third, turn on the power, check the parameter settings are correct, then press the "work" button, the sterilization pot starts working; automatically send cold air, when the 105 ° C, the bottom exhaust valve automatically closes, and then the pressure begins to rise;
4. When the pressure rises to 0.15MPa (121°C), the sterilizer will automatically deflate again, and then start recording, the general medium is sterilized for 20min, and the distilled water is sterilized for 30min;
5. After the specified sterilization time is reached, turn off the power and open the bleed valve to slowly deflate; when the pressure pointer drops to 0.00 MPa, the vent valve can be opened without steam removal.