16 Liter Class B Medical Autoclave Machine

16 Liter Class B Medical Autoclave Machine
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Our company, WANRUI, is one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of 16 liter class b medical autoclave machine in China. We have a productive factory, welcome to buy or wholesale products from us.

16 Liter class B medical Veterinary autoclave machine WR-M

Mini computer control system for automatic check; the temperature can be precise controlled within 0.5 during sterilizaiton.

Adjustable date, time, and language type

Adopt imported silicon tube, which can resist high pressure temperature

Opened reservoir, convenient for cleaning

There is no need to worry that the storage tank is empty or the waster tank is full since there is a automatically alarmed.

Water quality sensor can test the quality of distilled water and reduce the failure rate

B/D test, vacuum test, which is convenient for machine running test

Automatic record of the time of sterilization. Clean the inner pipe automatically for avoiding jam after every 100 times of

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