Small Lab Sterilization Equipments

Small Lab Sterilization Equipments
Product Details

Sterilization temperature 121& 134

Efficient vacuum system

Lower working noise

Vacuum lowest limit can reach over -80kpa

Vacuum in high speed

       Perfect drying performance

Hand lock door

Pressure lock system

Relief valve in case of over pressure

Pressure or temperature over load protection

       Alarm for system failure,  finish reminding,  water level warming

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Water supply system

Built-in open type water tank easy to clean

Water filter & Water level sensor inside

Water tank capacity

        4 liter

Water consumption

        0.3 - 0.8 liter

Tray and holder

Rectangle or circular shelf with 3 layer trays


Medical stainless steel 304 unibody structure,  3 trays or 5 trays

MAX / MIN working pressure2.3 / -0.9  Bar

MAX temperature145

Operation temperature

0 - 40


Less than 50DB

Power supply

AC 110 / 220V,  50/60HZ

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