CE Certified Steam Autoclave For Beauty Salon

CE Certified Steam Autoclave For Beauty Salon
Product Details

Our company, WANRUI, is one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of ce certified  Steam Autoclave for beauty salon in China. We have a productive factory, many companies buy autoclaves from our factory in China, and they sell it to around the world.

Basic Info

  • Type: Pressure Steam Sterilization Equipments

  • Electric Tension: 220V OR 110V

  • Ultra High Temperature Alarm: Ultra High Temperature Alarm

  • Material: Stainless Steel

  • Volume in Liters(L): 12/18/23L/29L

  • Max Temperature and Pressure: 135degree/0.24MP

  • Scope of Temperature: 40-135degree

  • Sterilizing Time Set and Showing: Available

  • Sterilizing Products: Solid,Liquid and Agaragar Samples

  • Specification: CE, ISO9001, SGS

  • Theory: Autoclave

  • Certification: CE, SGS, FDA, ISO13485

  • LCD Display: With LCD Display

  • Sterilization Information Recording and Printing: Sterilization Information Recording and Printing

  • Internal * Diameter: 370*730mm

  • Material of Inner Container: SUS304

  • Sterilizing Temperature: 105-135degree

  • Melt Temperature: 60-100degree

  • Operation Model: Four Procedure

  • Trademark: STIK

  • Origin: China

Product Description
Our full automaticity autoclave is high pressure steam sterilizing srcid="31906305" width="550px" height="550px">
                                          Back of the Autoclave

Perfect Functions:
1)The system is designed with the self-checking function of safety status. Pot cover can not be opened when the electricity is cut off.
2)The system is designed with the safe startup temperature and pressure self-sensing joint lock device. When the temperature in the sterilization cavity is below 80º C, and the pressure in the cavity is zero, pot cover can be opened. Otherwise, locking institution will automatically lock the pot in case of any accidents arising from improper operations, such as scald and scorching.
3)Over-temperature protection: High-precision temperature sensor and over-temperature protection control system guarantee that the system will stop heating and give an alarm when the temperature is abnormal. In addition, mechanical over-temperature protector possesses the double over-temperature protection functions.
4)Over-pressure protection: High-precision pressure sensor and over-pressure protection system guarantee that the system will open the valve to release the pressure and give an alarm when the temperature is abnormal. The other, mechanical pressure safety valve possesses the double over-voltage protection functions.
5)Protection against dry burning: When there is a lack of water for sterilization, the system will assume that the heater is abnormal, and automatically stop the operation of the heater.

Intelligence Autoclave:
1)Self-checking system: Be able to check the quality of sensor, whether there is short circuit or open circuit, and whether the chip of control panel is damaged or not. In the case of wrong operation or failure, it will display failure code to remind users.
2)Zero pollution of exhaust: Possess two gas collecting bottles. Sterilization steam is condensed for two times to ensure zero exhaust of steam, thus preventing sterilization steam from entering the lab and polluting the environment.
3) Intelligent computer control system not only realizes the fully automatic control of the sterilization process, but also makes sterilization safer and more repeatable.
4)Four preset sterilization modes are designed for solid samples, liquid samples, and agar.
5)Memory storage system: Users can set their own sterilization parameters.
6)Saturated steam detection: The system automatically detects the exhaust of cool air to produce the sterilization environment of pure steam and further guarantee the optimum sterilization effect.
7) Automatic exhaust control: Possess the modes of full exhaust, micro-exhaust, and non-exhaust so as to meet sterilization requirements of various samples.
8)Timing startup function: Preset the timing program (1-99 hours) to enable the sterilizer to automatically start up the sterilization according to the preset time.

Interface control Systems
1)Automatically display the latest sterilization program after the startup. Start up the sterilizer with the click of the START button.
2)Possess status flow chart, showing the current sterilization mode, sterilization status, and completed sterilization program. Programs to be processed are designed with the countdown function, making the residual time extremely clear.
3)Users can inquire concrete parameters of the current program with the click of the CONFIRM button.

Optional Items: Article temperature sensor, printing function.

More details can refer to our INTERNATIONAL official website or contact with our Sales MASTE for getting it.


Technical Parameters:

Internal * diameter

Volume in liters(L)

Material of inner containerSUS304
Max temperature and pressure135degree/0.24MP
Scope of temperature40-135degree
Sterilizing temperature105-135degree
Melt temperature60-100degree
Keeping warm temperature40-60degree
Time set scopeSterilizing, melt: 0 minute to 4 hours; continuous warm:72 hours;
preset sterilizing time: 1 to 99 hours
ControlMicroprocessor control, figure display
Operation modelA. Sterilizing; B. Sterilizing-Keeping warm;
C. Melt-Keeping warm; D. Setting parameters
Exhaust wayAll exhaust, micro exhaust, no exhaust
Cooling deviceIndependent air cooling system makes cooling fast
Safety devicePressure safety valve, dry burning prevention, safety interlock,
hatch cover close checking system,overpressure detection,
overtemperature detection, residual current circuit breaker
(50/60HZ)PowerSingle phase AD 220V, 50-60HZ common power supply (over 16A)
AccessoriesStandard model: water-stop sheet, discharge hose,
stainless steel basket , collection bottle for phlegma
External dimensions



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