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Autoclave tape is an adhesive tape used in autoclaving (heating under high pressure with steam to sterilise) to indicate whether a specific temperature has been reached. Autoclave tape works by changing color after exposure to temperatures commonly used in sterilization processes, typically 121°C in a steam autoclave.

Small strips of the tape are applied to the items before they are placed into the autoclave. The tape is similar to masking tape but slightly more adhesive, to allow it to adhere under the hot, moist conditions of the autoclave. One such tape has diagonal markings containing an ink which changes colour (usually beige to black) upon heating.

It is important to note that the presence of autoclave tape that has changed color on an item does not ensure that the product is sterile, as the tape will change color upon exposure only. For steam sterilization to occur, the entire item must completely reach and maintain 121°C for 15–20 minutes with proper steam exposure to ensure sterilization.

The color-changing indicator of tape is usually lead carbonate based, which decomposes to lead(II) oxide. To protect users from lead -- and because this decomposition can occur at many moderate temperatures -- manufactures may protect the lead carbonate layer with a resin or polymer that is degraded under steam at high temperature.

 Hospital Use Steam Sterilization Autoclave Tape 


1.    The steam sterilization indicator tape is made from sensitive chemical steam sterilization indicating materials. 

2.    The parallel indicating lines on the tape are able to change colors from yellow to brown to indicate the completion of sterilization process.

3.    The tapes are designed to be easily peeled by hand with no adhesive residues on the packaging materials. 

4.    The coating material is capable of being written on with necessary tracking information.  

5.    The tapes are applicable in either gravity autoclaves or pre-vacuum steam sterilizers.


Usage:Scissor the appropriate length of chemical indciator tape,stick on the package to be sterilized, and place into 120 °C and pressure exhaust steam sterilizer for 20 minutes, or into the pre-vacuum pressure off 134 °C bacteria device for 3.5 minutes.The indicator on the tape have been changed from the light yellow to dark gray or black, shown that meet the requirements of the sterilization process.



SizePackingCTN sizeG.W.N.W.
12 X 5018042X42X2814.513.5
19 X 259627.5X27.5X246.56
19 X 504827.5X27.5X24
25 X 2572
25 X 503627.5X27.5X246.56

Colur: from Yellow to black

Original Color

Finished Color