High Pressure Steam Dental Autoclave Sterilizer With Printer

High Pressure Steam Dental Autoclave Sterilizer With Printer
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Our company, WANRUI, is one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of high pressure steam dental autoclave sterilizer with printer in China. We have a productive factory, welcome to buy or wholesale products from us.

High pressure steam dentacal Autoclave sterilizer with printer 

WR-23B-A(-P with printer)

1. Fully compliance to EN13060 B standard, 3 times pulsating vacuum Vacuum can down to -80Kpa

2. Digital display, easy to operate.

3. Automatically detect door status, making operation more safety.

4. 2.5mm Deep-stretched shape high quality stainless steel internal bladder.

5. Built-in cleaning and sewage equipment. Automatic alarm when water is shortage or full.

6. Built-in printer to print the sterilization data.

7. Short-circuit protection; Fuse tube: T15AL ~250V

8. Storage tank capacity: 2 liters

9. Required water for each loop: 0.3 liters

10. Minimum alarm level of water tank: 0.5 liters

11. Operating temperature: 0~40℃

12. Sterilization (pressure/temperature): 90~130KPa/121℃; 200~230KPa/134℃

13. 220V/50HZ, 2300W, 23L

14. Chamber Size: 245 x 450 mm; Outside size: 660 x 442 x 380 mm

15. Packing by wooden box

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