Dental Clinic Class B Autoclave With Automatic Door

Dental Clinic Class B Autoclave With Automatic Door
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Our company, WANRUI, is one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of class B autoclave with automatic door for dental clinic in China. we have autoclave of 8l12l16l18l23l29l30l.


• Micro-computer control, wide LCD, touch buttons;

• High-speed: only 12 to 15 minutes’ time spending for the whole process, including pulse vacuum heating-up sterilizing and vacuum drying;

• Rectangular sterilizing chamber, utilized space being 25% more than that of circular shape;

• With the patent techniques of frequency conversion temperature-control, the sterilizer heats up quickly and controls the temperature accurately meanwhile saving energy efficiently;

• The operation is safe, simple and reliable with the automatic door-lock system which makes the safety both mechanically and electronically insured;

• Three-phase pulse vacuum makes the vacuum purity up to -90Ka,ensuring the residual air in the seam of class A hollow appliances (such as dental handpiece and endoscope) be removed efficiently and the high-temperature steam penetrates and reaches to every part;

• Powerful intellective pulse vacuum drying function ensures the residual humidity of dried appliances be no more than 0.2%, and that of dressing 1%;

• Besides sterilizing, it has the function of making medical cotton;

• It has the testing programs of Helix, B-D and vacuum, and the vacuum leakage rate is less than 0.13Kpa/min (it receives the tests via PCD progress of the lumen) ;

• With the rapid steam generator and the steam-water separator built in, the quality of the steam can be guaranteed, and therefore no external steam source is needed;

• The well-performed 0.22μm air disinfector and filter makes the air that destroys the vacuum state sterile, avoiding re-contamination;

• With double tanks installed, the clean and the dirty are separated, contamination caused by inner toxin thus being avoided;

• With the micro-printer and a can-be-matched USB interface, the sterilizing process can be recorded.

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Voltage:AC 220V ±10%
Wire plug:GB 3 cores/EN 3 cores
Rated power:1800W
Electric current:10A
Standard:Class B
Sterilizing temperature:121℃,134℃
Product size:52*44*38cm/52*44*38cm/65*44*38c


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