23 Liter Class B Dental Autoclave Sterilization

23 Liter Class B Dental Autoclave Sterilization
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Our company, WANRUI, is one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of 23 liter class b dental autoclave sterilization in China. We have a productive factory, welcome to buy or wholesale products from us.

23 Liter class B dental autoclave sterilization WR-12B-M(-P with printer)


Mini computer control system for automatic check;

The temperature can be precisely controlled within 0.5 during sterilizing

B&D test, vacuum test, which is convenient for machine running test

Adjustable dry time based your requirements

Button works well more than 100 thousands

The machine is dual-purpose, not only for instruments, but also for cotton under dry condition

LCD display will show you clearly date and curve of sterilization process

Adjustable date & time & language type

Adopt imported silicon tube, which can resist high pressure temperature

Opened reservoir, convenient for cleaning

Water quality sensor can test the quality of distilled water, reduce the failure rate

Safety valve ensure that the chamber can release the pressure safely in case of emergency

Multiple safety protection system ensuring the operator safe

Air-conditional heat removal system, prevent the machine from over-heating

Adopt the ABS plastic, whole model produce

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