Apex Locator

Apex Locator
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VORY Root canal apex locator

Technical Specifications

Adaptor voltage


Rotation speed






Package size



1.Large and adjustable colorful LCD screen;

2.Original Switzerland electro-motor;

3.Special connector for medical treatment;

4.Drive-1: 1 contra angle is available;

5.9 types of rotation settings: 125~625 rpm; 10 types of torque settings: 6~40mN·m;

6.10 programs to be set and memorized automatically;

7.Multi-frequency operating system for Apex Location, ensuring the accurate measurement under any condition;

8.4 types of rotation modes: Auto start, Auto stop, Auto reverse, and Auto apical slow down, avoiding reamer-breaking and bringing more convenience;

9.Self calibration of the rotation speed or torque;

10.High capacity rechargeable battery with longer duration;

11.Auto power off completely, extending the duration of battery;

12.Ergonomics design with elegant appearance to bring the convenient operation.


1.While charging, please insert the plug into AC100-240V, 50/60Hz power socket. Don't use beyond the specified voltage AC power, so as not to cause the damage of the machine. When the battery is low, please recharge in time.

2.Don't use sharp objects, metal or liquid touch signal connector, and don't press it heavily

3.Never place oral camera on unstable, inclined or shaking surface.

4.Please turn off the power and draw out the plug after using the device.